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Prenatal Yoga Classes by Professional Yoga Trainers


Maatriyoga offers yoga classes at home and yoga centers by professional yoga trainers with 25+ years of experience.

We also have female yoga trainers, especially for women. We have a long list of satisfied clients behind us. We offer all our services at affordable prices. Join us today for Prenatal Yoga For Normal Delivery.

  • Pain Less Delivery

    Yoga can be done during the pregnancy period for a safe, painless, and uneventful delivery

  • Normal Delivery

    Yoga poses will prepare your mind and body for labor and normal delivery

  • Hormonal balance

    Practicing yoga and rabbit pose can help balance your hormones keeping you healthy

  • Safe for all stages of pregnancy

    Yoga is necessary during pregnancy

  • 9 Months Enjoy, Smile & Happyness

    Continue Yoga for happy smiling

  • No Side Effect

    Yoga makes you less likely to experience unpleasant side effects during pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga Classes by Professional Yoga Trainers
Healthy Child

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Pregnancy Yoga

A couple, eager to become parents, celebrates the news of their baby's arrival with great joy and anticipation. From the moment they get the news, they start making preparations to welcome their little one into this world. But the most crucial and often overlooked is the preparation for pregnancy. The mother has to undergo many emotional and physical changes during her pregnancy.

Due to this, most mothers experience mental stress and pain in various parts of the body. This consequently may hurt the health of the baby. So the first preparation to be done by parents is to begin the practice of prenatal Yoga, which benefits the health of the mother and the baby inside, as scientifically proven.

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Pregnancy yoga classes

We at Maatriyoga, are a team of professional yoga trainers with more than 20+ years of experience and supporting pregnant women with their pre-natal and post-natal needs. We have been in this industry for more than 15 years and have more than 1000+ satisfied customers.

We have not only helped our clients with their basic needs during and post-pregnancy but have also resolved many problems that occur during pregnancy such as the breech position of the baby, natural cord around the neck of the baby, etc. All our methods are very natural and we always ensure our client’s health and safety. Join us now to know more about our services. You're at the right place, if you're exploring queries like Prenatal Yoga in Noida, Prenatal Yoga in Delhi, Prenatal Yoga in Mumbai, Prenatal Yoga in Bangalore, Post Natal Yoga in Gurgaon, Post Natal Yoga in Noida, Post Natal Yoga in Delhi, Post Natal Yoga in Mumbai, Post Natal Yoga in Bangalore or related terms.

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Our Testimonials

Shilpi Saluja
Many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further and recommending you as a great doctor. More than being just professional, I value the fact that your attitude is exceptional. Motivation and Positive Attitude are the two most important medicines for normal delivery that you prescribe. Thanks for doing that perfectly. Nine months of my pregnancy could have been a nightmare without your medical supervision. Thanks for making my journey to become a mommy nothing less than a dream come true.
Ashima Bansal
I came across Maatri Yoga through an online search for pregnancy yoga. I have been with Dr. Kedarnath sir since week 14 of my pregnancy. He customizes exercises as your pregnancy progresses and depending on your case. He suggests home remedies and preventive lifestyle changes to avoid the usual complications that one can face during pregnancy. His guidance has helped me enjoy a stress-free pregnancy journey and hopes to have a normal delivery. Thank you Maatri Yoga.
Namita Bhalla
I joined Maatriyoga in just the 7th week of my pregnancy and Dr. Kedarnath’s advice since those early weeks proved to be helpful throughout. From the simplest of things like sitting and sleeping posture to emotional and spiritual strength during this phase, he ensured everything for a healthy and happy pregnancy. He studies your blood reports and ultrasound scans and accordingly makes a diet plan and customizes your yoga exercises giving personal attention. After joining the classes, I never complained of shortness of breath. My baby was in a breech position and with his advised yoga asanas, in a few weeks it came in a cephalic position. He even brought down my high blood sugar. Dr. Kedarnath not only prepares the mothers physically for a healthy normal delivery but also mentally and spiritually. Pregnancy has been a smooth and happy experience under his guidance. I would strongly recommend all expecting moms join Maatriyoga classes.
Navya bhatt
Dr Kedarnath Guruji is an Experienced, prenatal yoga trainer. He is completely positive, optimistic, and supportive. Keeps track of his students, and ensures that they don't miss the class. The diet and exercises that are taught in class are good👍. He has a yoga care solution for any problems that might occur during pregnancy, aims for healthy pregnancy throughout 40 weeks, and provides 24/7 support.
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