Female and Male Infertility Yoga

Yoga poses to boost your Fertility

Yoga for Conceiving & Fertility Boosting

It has been scientifically analyzed that certain Asanas and Pranayamas of Yoga enhance inherent fertility and assist in conceiving the baby. With the practice of Fertility Yoga, the reproductive organs of the body are stimulated and the mind is completely de-stressed. Many couples have got positive results from the practice of Fertility Yoga. Unlike many other medical treatments, Fertility Yoga is completely natural and has no side effects at all.

Fertility Yoga helps you overcome the following common problems that contribute to infertility:

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD)
  2. Endometriosis
  3. Fibroids in Uterus
  4. Miscarriage
  5. Unexplained in Fertility
  6. Ectopic Pregnancy
  7. Pre-eclampsia
  8. Obesity
  1. Sexually Transmitted Infection
  2. Uterine Fibroids
  3. Irregular Periods
  4. Depression
  5. Migraine
  6. Thyroids Disorder
  7. Asthma
  8. And other many more….
Garbhasana Asana

Fertility Massage

What is a Fertility massage?

Fertility massage is a type of massage aimed at improving health and fertility through the power of touch.

Physical touch taps into the nervous system and can release feel-good chemicals in the brain, increase circulation and lymph flow, bring awareness of the body and self, improve sleep, aid digestion, and provide stress relief.

This “touch” can involve massage techniques, including relaxation or Swedish massage, that can help:

  1. improve circulation
  2. relax the nervous system
  3. relieve stress (a big issue with fertility)
  4. promote overall health and well-being

-It can also take the form of reflexology, which requires practitioners to massage points on the hands, feet, or ears to access the body’s organ systems.

Fertility massages often involve acupressure, which Moy says works by unblocking qi (or vital energy) flows along the meridian, or by pressing specific points related to an organ or body system to bring about balance.

Benefits of a Fertility Massage?

There are some anecdotal benefits worth considering

  1. blood flow to the uterus and ovaries helps with reproductive function.
  2. having a greater chance of success versus not doing anything (whether this is the “placebo effect” or not)
  3. practicing self-care (so important when dealing with infertility)
  4. developing more awareness of what’s happening within your body
  5. relieving stress and anxiety around fertility
  6. strengthening the mind-body connection
  7. regularly improving circulation and lymph to the reproductive organs
  8. becoming more proactive and empowered

Overcome all the problems and experience the miracles of Fertility Yoga with Dr. Kedarnath

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Client says for Fertility

Jasneet Jolly
Kedar Sir is a very helpful and understanding yoga teacher.
I was having a PCOD problem and trying to conceive for the past 3 yrs but won't succeed. But here in just 3 months, my all body and stress-related problems were resolved and now I conceived due to his remedies only. Though I was on medication for the past 3.5 yrs. But here through yoga only I became fit and fine.
Thanks, Sir
Priyanka Sharma
Hi everyone!!! Well if you are trying to conceive and have been quite disappointed with all the in vain efforts...please go to matriyoga. Dr. Kedarnath has 22 years of experience in yoga training specializing in pregnant women. Personally, after 3-4 months of following the tips of Dr Kedarnath, I was able to conceive so if you are suffering from PCOS/PCOD or Fibroids...you can try infertility yoga and water therapy, and if you sincerely follow Dr Kedarnath's advice you may feel lucky. Also, the ambiance of Matriyoga is very relaxing and ideal for pregnant women.
Snighdha Roy
I joined Maatriyoga for fertility classes. Kedarnath Sir has guided me regarding everything- diet, what to eat & what to avoid, what to wear etc & elaborated on the significance of it. Small small things but there are Soo many things we do in day-to-day life in unawareness. I believe Guru is God, so I listened to him since day one &followed what he said and by God's grace, I conceived within a month. I feel Sir has a solution to everything-any body ache, any bp,  sugar-related problems, etc & best part is, his remedies are natural & effective. I am very grateful to Kedarnath Sir for his guidance & personal attention. Shobha Di & Manisha also played an important role in my journey- they encouraged me at every low point of mine & gave me mental support to believe that I will get results soon. Coz when we want something Soo badly & we don't get it for a long time, our belief in ourselves/in God/in possibilities gets faded. however, they are Soo cheerful & positive that I got a lot of motivation from them & I really wanna thank them for their support.
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