Post Natal Yoga

Healthy Mother and Healthy Baby

Post Natal Yoga Classes in Gurgaon & NCR by Professional Yoga Trainers

After the delivery of the baby, the mother needs to restore her fitness and lose the additional weight, while also taking care of their newborn.

Postnatal Yoga helps mothers to achieve the desired level of fitness and have a stress-free mind, as proven scientifically. As the baby is completely dependent on the mother's milk for the first few months, so the mother's health is of great significance.

The new role as a mother often causes more exertion to her, further taking a toll on her health. The practice of Postnatal Yoga brings much-needed deep relaxation through meditation and Pranayam. And the body becomes slim and strong again with Postnatal Yoga postures.

Post Natal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga helps you overcome the following common problems that occur after pregnancy:

  1. Anaemia
  2. Skin
  3. Over Weight
  4. Hair Fall
  5. Varicose Vain
  6. Stretch Marks
  7. Loosened or sagging Breast
  8. Enlarged Uterus
  1. Anxiety
  2. Back Pain
  3. Post Natal Depression
  4. Constipation
  5. Vaginal Discharge
  6. Haemorrhoids
  7. Uterine Infection
  8. Delayed Periods
  1. Joint Pain
  2. Marital Stress
  3. Bathroom Breaks
  4. Recovery from the caesarean operation
  5. Improper lactation from breast
  6. Quality of milk from the breast
  7. Nightmares
  8. And other many more….

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Our client with baby
Our client's Child
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Client says for Postnatal yoga

Neha Sharma
Yoga is a way to heal and nourish the body from within. Pregnancy post-natal care is as important as pre-natal as a healthy body will give you more time to bond with your baby. Maatriyoga has helped me in both phases. Pre-natal classes helped me to be active and fit which resulted in normal delivery and a healthy baby. Post-natal classes helped me to stay fit and avoid postpartum depression.
KD sir is very helpful. He motivates and keeps his students positive throughout the journey. I'll recommend joining these classes to every pregnant lady and enjoy pregnancy.
Praerna Kartha
I joined Maatriyoga at 20 weeks of my pregnancy - I chose to take private lessons with Dr KedarNath at the convenience of my home rather than visit the centre.

I think it was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy - the breathing exercises, relaxation, and pelvic exercises, combined with dietary and other lifestyle advice imparted by Dr Kedarnath are probably the main reason I was able to be active, energetic and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. My weight gain as well as the baby’s was absolutely on point, I suffered no water retention/swelling/pain etc until the very last day and was on my feet hosting a dinner at my home the night before I went into labour.

I am happy to share that 2 weeks ago I delivered a healthy, happy baby girl of weight 3.75 kgs through NVD and myself made a great physical recovery within 24 hours.

I highly recommend prenatal yoga with Dr KedarNath - whether you choose the centre/private lesson option.
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