Pregnancy Chart

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but with so much pregnancy information available in books, magazines, and websites, how can you hope to cover it all before giving birth?
We've made it easy for you to get all the pregnancy info you need in one place

Baby Weight Chart

Weight Chart During Pregnancy

Weeks Weight(kg)
00 to 12 Weeks 1-2 kg
12 to 20 Weeks 3 kg
20 to 30 Weeks 5 kg
30 to 36 Weeks 7kg
36 to 40 Weeks No Weight Increase
Total weight gain during Pregnancy 12 - 13 kg.

Baby Weight Chart

Growth of the Fetus

Weekly Child weight
15 Weeks 100 gms
17 Weeks 200 gms
23 Weeks 500 gms
26 Weeks 1000 gms
31 Weeks 1500 gms
33 Weeks 2000 gms
35 Weeks 2500 gms
38 Weeks 3000 gms
40 Weeks 3500 gms

Pregnancy Time Body Blood Flow Perminutes

Body Part Normal Woman Pregnancy Woman
Uterus 50 M.L. 750 M.L.
Lungs 6000 M.L. 850 M.L.
Kidney 800 M.L. 1200 M.L.
Skin 250 M.L. 500 M.L.

Pregnancy Time Vitamins / Food

Weekly Food
Vitamin A Fish, Cord Oil, Milk, Butter, Eggs, Meet, Green Vegetable, Carrot, Orange
Vitamin B1 Meat, Annaj, Wheat, Gram, Nuts
Vitamin B2 Meat, Annaj, Wheat, Gram, Green Vegetable, Milk, Egg
Vitamin B6 Meat, Annaj, Wheat, Egg, Paneer, Seeds Vegetable
Vitamin B12 Meat, Egg, Milk, Paneer, Fish
Vitamin M Green Leaf Vegetable, Seeds Vegetable
Vitamin C Citrus, Fruits, Amla, Pattato, Tammato
Vitamin D Fish, Cord Oil, Milk, Egg, Sun rays
Vitamin E Wheat, Gram, Green Vegetable, Fish, Oil, Dal
Vitamin K Leaf dar Vegetable

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