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Taking care of a new born baby

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Hiring a babysitter can be very comforting for both new mother and also the family. Taking care of a new born baby is exhaustive and time can be divided not in a proportional way when it comes to taking care of your personal self and the new born baby.

Avoiding any kind of internal infections are necessary to avoid. New babies are prone infections. Also, daily hygiene of baby including bathing and toileting is a cumbersome task and having help at home could prove really helpful.

  1. Japa Maid Available from Kolkata for Baby care, baby massage, Mother and Mother Meal
  2. Book your Japa Maid before 2 month
  3. Deposit Rs 10000.00 to 15000.00 advance as a Service Charge
  4. Deposited Service Charge is not refundable

Client Review on Japa Maid


Vibhuti Shotria (9999719070)
Japamaids are really helpful post delivery. They are specialised ones who have experities in taking care of you and your newborn. Japa specialises in postnatal massage for new moms as well as massage for your new born. With Japas you can leave your new born care to them and can take full rest post delivery.
This helps in faster recovery time. Japas manage all activities of your new born-bathing, calming and agitated baby, feeding etc. They act as support when you need the most!
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